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Fur Shop Pro

Fur Shop Pro is the software package designed with the idea to be a single software a fur retailer would ever need for all their operational, bookeeing, payroll, accounting and analytical needs.


Directory screen is designed to work with all contacts managed by the system in a complete and uniform representation. This screen includes: customers, vendors, employees, federal and state (fiscal) agencies and more.

Each record has detail view below which can be opened or closed.

Records can be grouped, filtered and sorted by any criteria, including extensive customizable filtering facility.

Multiple records can be selected, narrowed down to and printed on a completely cusomizable printouts.

Point of sale

Point of Sale screen is designed as a signle place where all point of sale operations can be performed.

This includes: cutomer search and entry, sales, services, payments, appraisal, pickup and delivery schedule, customer appointment schedules, statements and more.


Inventory screen is the place where the user can view their current inventory items and peroform all relevant inventory operations: inventory and invoice entry, (re)ordering, inventory adjustments, transfers and more.


Vault screen is a place where users can:

  1. View and search the contents of all you vaults
  2. See which vault numbers are assigned and which are empty
  3. See which garments are scheduled for pull, pickup or delivery and which are still in the vault
  4. Run number of customizable reports and filters

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable allows users to view open customer's accounts, see and analyze aged receivables, bill customers and view which receipts they owe money on.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable screen is the place for the bookeeper to view and pay open invoices, print Accounts Payable journal and view aged payables by vendor or by any other criteria.

Just like all other screens, Accounts Payable allows to view, group, sort, filter and print information about liabilities using customizable filters and reports.

Pickups & Deliveries

Pickups & Deliveries screen shows all open and peformed scheduled pickup/delivery/pull operations.

This screen allows sorting and filtering operations by type and date. View customer info and garments that needs to be picked up. Print pickup or delivery receipts/slips and more.

Reports & Analysis

Reports & Analysis screen is the main business analitical and financial reporting fcility.

All reports and analysis are grouped by categories, which include: Directory, Inventory, Sales & Services, Bookeeping and Misc.

All these reports are custom and can be extended to any degree. They can give business owner important insights into business processes, profits, year-to-year and month-to-month comparisons and more.

Other modules include:

  Messages - allows to schedule messages and tasks related to customers and assign them to employees.

  Cash Receipts - shows all payments made by customers and deposit them to the bank.

  Banking - is the screen where you view and reconcile all bank accounts.

  Payroll & Commissions - allows issue paychecks and commission payments to the employees. It calculates Payroll taxes and allows to pay them with check that would go out of banking screen.

  General Ledger - shows all financial transactions allows to make custom entries.

  Documents - allows to view and search ALL documents ever created in the system and unpost/post/delete them.


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