Fur Shop Pro
The most powerful and complete
business software package for
fur retailers!
One system for all your business processes:
 Sales & Services
 Storage, Cleaning and Repairs
 Pickups & deliveries
 Customer communication (CRM)
 Reports & Analysis
 and more...
You are covered 100%!
When you run Fur Shop Pro
 Remote screen sharing
 Remote administration
 Regular updates
 New features
You are supported!


Manage customers, vendors, employees and other contacts all in one place.

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Point of Sale

Perform all sales and services operations, schedule pickup/delivery and more.

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Track all your inventory by location, enter invoices and PO, reorder, adjust and transfer.

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See what's in each of your vaults, assign vault numbers by garment or receipt type or any other way.

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Accounts Receivable

See what your customers owe you and bill them.

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Accounts Payable

See what you owe to vendors. Enter and pay invoices.

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Pickups & Deliveries

Schedule pickups and deliveries, see what's done, pull coats and plan your route.

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Reports & Analysis

Create and execute customizable reports and analysis for Business Intelligence.

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And more...

Purchase orders, Cash Receipts, Payroll, Banking, Geneal ledger, Messaging and other modules.

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About Us

Fur Shop Pro .Net is a network of fur retailers who came together in an effort to ensure continued support and development of the Fur Shop Pro - a unique software package, designed and developed specifically for the fur retailers.

Fur Shop Pro software has long history, dating back to 1999, when it was initially developed by Mark Ayzman and Michael Baytalsky, who then incorporated under Retail Decision, Inc. with a goal of creating software, each fur retailer must have.

The software has been greatly improved since then. This has happened in many ways due to the support of individual customers (now members), who paid to accommodate their specific needs, which lead to extending Fur Shop Pro functionality. We are proud to say, that today Fur Shop Pro is the best all-encompassing software packages for fur retailers.

If you would like to evaluate it, ask questions or join the club, feel free to contact us. We are open to all fur retailers and will be glad to help you take your business to the new level.